Principal's Message
Dr. Gwendolyn Melhado, OSF
To all our readers, St. Joseph’s Teachers’ College (SJTC) welcomes you to our new website. It is our hope that you will use this medium to learn more about our college and that it will provide you with another career choice with a difference. St. Joseph’s Teachers’ College is a Catholic institution that has been in existence for over 116 years. Its early beginnings are grounded in Christian values based on Franciscan tradition through the life and work of the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany. This background forms the ethos of the college to this more






Mission Statement


Core Values

We seek to build a community that is guided by Franciscan values based on the gospel and which will foster and sustain a culture of excellence as a way of life.

St. Joseph’s Teachers' College is committed to fostering excellence in teaching, learning, scholarship and relationships.

We strive to empower and affirm our staff and students by providing an environment that encourages and allows for personal and professional development.

We pledge to build partnerships that value humility, joy and integrity which are characteristics of our founders, the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany.

  The realization of our mission requires that we form men and women who have recognized and responded to the call to the teaching profession and share the following values:
  • A relationship with God
  • Reverence for the natural and built environment
  • A sense of community
  • Professionalism and commitment
  • Respect for the individual
  • Passion for excellence
  • Service and accountability



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